Dear Friend,

If you have not been to the Lodestar Mountain Inn during fall, you are missing out on one of the area’s hidden gems!  Surrounded by the dazzling fall foliage on North Mountain and Cave Mountain, you will feel as though you are part of a masterful painting.  The sheer beauty of the leaves set ablaze in brilliant spectrums of color is a reminder that our Lord is the Master, and His brushstrokes cannot be matched.  We are holding Getaway Weekends on consecutive weekends in October to give those who wish to take in this stunning scenery two opportunities to be immersed in such glory.  Prayerfully consider attending one of these retreats and seeing, firsthand, what the Lord is doing.

Also, if you have a current high schooler who is still contemplating what’s next, this is a wonderful season to visit the Lodestar Mountain Inn and our OneLife Institute site.  OneLife is a nine-month alternative to going directly to college, also known as a gap year.  Throughout this program, your son or daughter will learn how to live and actively participate in a Christian community, seek the Lord for their calling, serve others throughout the area, and grow deeper in their faith – all this while earning thirty credit hours from Southern Wesleyan University or Cairn University.  This is a year like no other and is sure to positively impact lives forever!