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My 10 Most Wanted

Here’s how it works

  • Make a list of ten people that you know personally who are not believers.
  • Pray for the people on your list each day.
  • Look for ways to befriend the people on your list. Be creative! God made you uniquely and He has given you gifts. Use who you are to love people.
  • As the Lord gives you opportunities, share your story with these individuals. Your story is just letting them know the difference Jesus has made in your life.
  • As people on your list give their lives to Christ, add another name to your list.

Why have a 10 most wanted list?

  • A list of ten enables you to focus on a few individuals. The Lord may still give you the opportunity to witness to others but your primary focus is on these ten.
  • You will have a list that you are committed to because heaven and hell are real eternal destinations.
  • This is a lifelong ministry that you can and should have.

Who's involved?

Everyone who knows and loves Christ! There is no age limit and no restrictions. Anybody and everybody should be involved. God wants to use you to love others for Him. So what are you waiting for?
Print your own copy of the My Ten Most Wanted List!