Victory Weekend


Our team enjoys every opportunity to travel to some of the most iconic tracks and venues in motorsports and offer family-friendly entertainment to the loud and raucous race fans!  We have had the honor and privilege to share weekends with thousands and thousands of people across this country, and the memories last a lifetime.  At Victory Weekend events, we are committed to providing an amazing time with talented musicians on our stage, giveaways and prizes throughout the weekend, a time to applaud and pray with our military heroes and first responders, and to share the good news of Jesus and his redeeming love, grace, and mercy.  Victory Weekend is the perfect addition to any already-energetic atmosphere buzzing with exciting racing action.

My good friend Pastor Vernon Zook, who is the lead pastor of Abundant Life Church in Sarasota, FL, has been helping me at many of the Victory Weekend events. Vernon shared a young man’s story whom he was able to meet and speak with at a Victory Weekend event in 2017:

“When I was on stage talking about the suicide rate among military personnel, a 21-year-old man named Ryan began bawling. His friends surrounded him, and he continued to cry almost uncontrollably throughout the message that I gave. Ryan ended up raising his hand to make a decision for Christ. I told him from the stage that I wanted to speak with him after the band resumed playing. In talking to Ryan, he told me of how his best friend from the age of 3 had gone to Iraq, and after his return, he had committed suicide a few months prior to our event. Ryan said that the message I shared hit him like nothing had before, and he heard me talking about hope. He grew up Catholic and believed in God all his life, but he said, “I never realized until today how much God loves me and that He wants to help me personally.” It was a really special time, and I thank God for the opportunity to be a part of it.”

We are eternally grateful for the opportunity to witness lives being changed. This impact, along with the smiles on all of the faces, the standing ovations for our heroes, and the relationships we have created, makes all of this worthwhile. It is my hope that we can continue to bring hope to campgrounds, race tracks, and other venues for many years to come.