Dear Friends,

Happy New Year!  Whether you are saddened or relieved to see 2022 in your rearview mirror, I pray that 2023 is a year of victories for you and your family. 

During this time of the year, many of us take the opportunity to start something new.  Some people vow to start exercising, eating healthier, reading their Bibles more, or any number of positive changes to improve their lives.  Experts say that when starting something new, it typically takes six weeks to make it a part of your daily routine.  This is precisely where intentionality comes in.  The first step is recognizing that you need to incorporate this action into your life, but next comes the hard part:  follow-through.

The first few days of this new activity or change are typically the easiest.  However, as schedules begin to fill up and life begins to get too crowded, many of us fall off of the wagon.  The most vital thing for us to do is find someone to hold us accountable every day.  If your goal is to read and absorb the Scriptures daily, have a trusted friend or spouse ask you regularly, “Have you read your Bible and taken notes today?”

This practice should be how we live our lives in every aspect – together!  You and I were not meant to trek this journey alone.  We need to allow others into our lives and build positive, meaningful relationships.  This requires a lot of vulnerability, but I promise you, the result will be something beautiful, and odds are you will meet your goal as well.

Make 2023 a year of victory, love, and growth!