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From Steve – June II
on June 15, 2022

Dear Friends,

Creating a place where generation after generation can meet and grow in their faith and become equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to stand firm for Christ is a legacy we should all want to be a part of!  You can join our team in leaving this legacy by committing to pray with us daily for the OneLife gap year program at the Lodestar Mountain Inn and our inaugural students arriving this fall.  This program will stretch these students and allow them to live in a community, learn the value of serving others, study gospel truths, and become ready to be godly ambassadors in their professional lives.

Please specifically pray for the construction of the men’s and women’s dormitories; we beseech the Lord to provide for this vital need.  Also, we still have room for four more male students.  Ask God to direct and lead these young men to the OneLife Institute at the Lodestar Mountain Inn.  We know that our Lord is able, and we know that He hears the prayers of His people!


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