Dear Friends,

Bringing the OneLife Institute to the Lodestar Mountain Inn is one of the highlights of my ministerial career. This life-changing program will impact our youth for generations to come, and I am humbled and honored to have the ability to impart knowledge to every student who walks onto the grounds.

If you have a high school graduate this year, consider our OneLife gap year program at the Lodestar Mountain Inn; it is a year like no other! OneLife utilizes a four-week rotation consisting of the classroom week, experiential learning week, presentation week, and travel week. Volunteer service hours are also regularly incorporated into the life of a OneLife student. Students earn 30 college credits throughout the nine-month enrollment, and OneLife has partnered with several colleges and universities that fit their mission as an organization.

Let’s get a new generation prepared and equipped to stand strong for Christ. To schedule a visit to the Lodestar Mountain Inn to see and learn more about the OneLife program, click here.