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From Steve – April II
on April 15, 2022

Dear Friends,

Springtime has arrived and we are surrounded by new birth as well as rebirth.  How amazing would it be if our world were more like nature in the springtime – full of renewal and exciting new beginnings!  Our country is in dire need of a spiritual renewal, not a reset as some would have you believe, rather a restart.  A fresh opportunity to turn our lives and hearts back to the One who loves us and sent His only Son to bear a criminal’s death so that we may live.  We must seize every moment to reach out to those who need to hear the lifechanging message of the love, hope, mercy, and grace of God.  Hearing this message may not just change their lives, but it may help determine where they will spend eternity.  Will you have any regrets knowing someone in your family, neighborhood, or workplace transitioned into eternity without knowing Jesus as their Savior?  We must use every available means to reach every available person.


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