Sharing your faith can be uncomfortable for some and down right scary for others.  Many people believe that you must be a Bible scholar or pastor or complete a 10-week course on apologetics to tell others how to receive salvation through Jesus Christ.  What if the hard questions start coming?

To help you overcome the obstacles of the enemy and the questions or statements that people may have regarding accepting Jesus as their Savior, I would like to invite you to view a prerecorded training video by Steve Wingfield on sharing your faith to become equipped to share the gospel message in a loving, effective way every day!  Like an athlete training for competition, training in sharing your faith has helped countless Christians like you overcome fears and gain confidence.
This training will inspire you and give you the courage to boldly proclaim the wonderful name of Jesus.  Our job is to share the gospel; God will save the souls.  You may plant seeds of faith or you may water them, but God makes the seeds grow through His Holy Spirit.  Begin praying now for God to bring people into your life who need to hear of the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ!  He will give you the right words (Luke 12:12) and ability to share the message that Jesus is alive and the Bible is true.  The more you intentionally seek to share your faith, the more you will understand God’s will and purpose for your life.  By sharing your faith with others, your relationship with God will grow.  

To view this transformation video, click here.  We encourage everyone to take this step toward answering God’s call and learning to present the gospel with love so that it is irresistible.

If you are in the Harrisonburg/Rockingham County, VA, area and would like to serve with us as a volunteer counselor at the 8th Annual Memorial Day Community Celebration at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds on Monday, May 29, please register at our Resource Tent on Memorial Day by 5:00 p.m.. To learn more about this incredible day, please click here.