Holy Land Tour 2022

We are thrilled that at the end of this month we, once again, get to enjoy another pilgrimage to the Holy Land.  Due to COVID travel restrictions, we have been unable for a couple of years to lead a group to some of the holiest sites in Christianity.  Steve loves every opportunity to guide this journey and to see the raw emotions and full grasp of the Scriptures that overcome those who journey with him.  Witnessing or being baptized in the Jordan River, standing on a hillside where Jesus, Himself, spoke to the masses, or praying in the Garden of Gethsemane will change and impact lives forever.  We are blessed to see so many people experience this, and we are grateful to do it again.

On August 27-September 9, 2022, Steve will lead 24 participants on a journey to some of the most remarkable sites described in the Bible.  This will be an opportunity of a lifetime and an experience these pilgrims will never forget.

Please prayerfully consider joining Steve on this unforgettable, life-changing journey in March 2023.  Details coming soon.